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Exploring Dharavi: A Journey with Garry, Sandy, and Laura from France

Garry, Sandy, and Laura from France embarked on an enlightening journey through the bustling streets of Dharavi, Mumbai’s entrepreneurial hub, on our popular tour with Inside Dhobi Ghat. Our 3.5-hour walking tour commenced with an immersive visit to Dhobi Ghat, the Guinness World Record-holding largest laundry in the world, where 200,000 garments are impeccably cleaned each day. We stepped into the laundry’s time capsule, witnessing the 140-year-old vintage setup that has served as a testament to the industry’s enduring legacy.

After this fascinating immersion into Mumbai’s laundry traditions, we hopped onto the iconic local train for a 15-minute ride to the heart of Dharavi, where the entrepreneurial spirit burns bright. Our Dharavi tour began in the commercial district, where we delved into the intricate world of recycling, witnessing firsthand the transformation of 60% of Mumbai’s plastic waste into valuable resources. We also explored the bustling leather manufacturing factories, savored the aroma of freshly baked goods at the local bakery, and marveled at the artistry of the clay pottery industry.

Venturing further into Dharavi, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant residential areas, where we gained a deeper understanding of the community’s resilience and resourcefulness. We witnessed firsthand the ingenuity and determination of the local residents, who have transformed their surroundings into a hub of entrepreneurial activity.

As our tour concluded, Garry, Sandy, and Laura carried with them a newfound appreciation for the vibrant spirit of Dharavi, its entrepreneurial heart, and the unwavering determination of its people.

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