Entrepreneurial Slum Tour

Densely populated, congested group of poorly constructed temporary settlements. This is what comes to your mind when you hear the word “slum” right? And a slum indeed has the same look which naturally makes an impression about the people living there in our minds as “poor and helpless”. This is what differentiates Dharavi, ( the heart of Mumbai ) from other slums. You might be wondering what makes it so unique and even worthy to take a tour!

Dharavi is an economic powerhouse in the heart of Mumbai, being an industrial centre of small-scale manufacturing. It has around 10,000 small scale businesses producing goods with very little technology and machinery and most of these goods are sold to different shops and brands nationally and internationally. Dharavi is home to over 1 million people generating over US$ 1 billion annually unlike most slums. This makes it worth naming it “ An entrepreneurial Slum”.

Briefly, the most fascinating thing you’ll experience throughout your Dharavi tour is the way people take up their everyday challenges and still excel at whatever they do. On the tour, you will learn the life of Dharavi and witness the spirit of the hardworking people. With having so much inspiration and positive real-life experience, Dharavi has bagged the first position in the “Top 10 experiences in India” and also made it to the “Top 10 travellers choices in Asia” in 2019.

You can only imagine how interesting it could be!

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