Boundless Explorism began as a seed initiative by Mr Suraj Hattarkal to build an organisation for promoting and encouraging women’s empowerment in tourism. According to a report from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in April 2019, women in India have only a 12% share in the tourism sector. Our vision is to challenge the status quo by creating opportunities for women in a safe, better and female-friendly work environment.

Suraj’s professional journey started in 2012 after he coincidentally bumped into a tour group and discovered his future career in tourism. He started to work as a tour guide and simultaneously pursued his correspondence degree at the University of Mumbai. After working for more than eight years in the tourism industry with experience of serving more than 9000 tourists and covering various roles from tour guide to manager, he came to the realization that the tourism industry is still not a preferred or comfortable environment for women.

In the 21st century, where Indian women are pursuing education and participating actively in various sectors, then why not in tourism? To overcome this mindset, Suraj has proudly cultivated an initiative dedicated to women’s empowerment.

Increasing female employment plays a vital role in reducing poverty, sustaining economic growth, supporting families, career and enabling self-determination. Our mission is to create safe and better opportunities for women. We are also passionate to run a charitable foundation for underprivileged women. This foundation will support women to enhance skill-building through educational programs and workshops, to provide more opportunities in workforce participation, leadership, entrepreneurship and employment. For contributing towards our campaign of creating a change, you can simply join our tours.