Our Team

Our organisation was founded in late 2020 with the vision to employ 100% women faculty. Currently, we are working to hire and train our faculty and stabilize the organization. During this formation process, our founder will be leading our tours.

Suraj Hattarkal

Suraj is born and raised in Mumbai, India.  He is a travel enthusiast and he has been a tour guide for over 9,000 people from all around the world.

Suraj’s parents wanted him to get an MBA degree and get a corporate job. But he aspired to do something different. In 2012, 19-year-old Suraj discovered his career in tourism when he accidentally bumped a tour group. He got so electrified with this job that he quit his regular college and continued his studies through distance education so that he could work as a tour guide.

In 2020 he founded Boundless Explorism with the mission to train and develop more female tour guides in India. Suraj is a big foodie and loves food blogging. He also likes making travel videos for his YouTube channel.