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Belgium to Mumbai: Eric and Claudia’s Eye-Opening Dharavi Experience

Welcome to Mumbai’s vibrant spirit! Eric and Claudia from Belgium, immersed in the warmth of family, embraced an unconventional adventure with our Entrepreneurial Slum Tour. Amidst the bustling heart of the city, we guided them through the labyrinthine lanes of Dharavi, unlocking stories of resilience and entrepreneurship.

Our unique 2.5-hour tour encompasses the iconic Dhobi Ghat and a captivating Street Art Walk. Eric and Claudia discovered the soulful rhythm of Dharavi, where entrepreneurship thrives against all odds. We, at Boundless Explorism, believe in showcasing the slum with a fresh lens, fostering understanding and breaking stereotypes.

Our mission is to offer participants an unbiased perspective, challenging preconceived notions about slums. The Entrepreneurial Slum Tour transcends mere sightseeing; it’s an immersive journey that reveals the dynamic spirit and untold narratives of Dharavi. Join us in reshaping perceptions and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai’s diverse culture.

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