Offbeat Destinations to Travel in India

Tired of visiting the same age-old tourist spots? Looking for a new scenic beauty and unexplored destinations across the country?

Well, India is home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenic beauties and yet most travelers stick to the same old places. The eccentric offbeat destinations of India described in this article offer a unique experience. 

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and escaping to these locales of the country will undoubtedly help you indulge in an unforgettable vacation experience.

If you wish to avoid the crowds while exploring the raw natural beauty and unusual cultures of India,  these offbeat destinations are a must see for every traveler who is seeking to experience a plethora of new adventures and create beautiful memories.

1. Daman and Diu.
Daman and Diu offer a more tranquil and affordable vacations. It is also one of the top romantic getaways in India due to its clean golden beaches and immense peace.Moreover adventure seekers can also indulge in water sports and horseriding among a host of other outdoor activities. A spiritual tour of the temples and churches through the dense palm grooves will surely make you feel ecstatic.

2. Sikkim.
If you wish to spend a relaxing vacation with friends and family in a serene environment surrounded by snow clad mountains, Sikkim in north east is the perfect place to visit. Brimming with lush greenery, Buddhist monastries and sprawling hills Sikkim is certainly a preferred choice for individuals seeking a peaceful escape. Whether you like to indulge in adventure activities, ride a yak or shop for the handcrafted tibetan goods, Sikkim has got it all covered.

3. Tawang.
Tawang in Arunachal pradesh is a lesser known tourist spot that ensures a delightful trip owing to its lushness and snow clad Himalayan mountains. Travellers can choose to immerse themselves in peaceful meditation session at Taktsang Gompa, indulge in a hike till Gorichen Peak, witness the nature’s magic at Nuranang waterfalls or watch the beautiful sunset at Shonga Tser lake.

4. Mawlynnong.
Mawlynnnong in Meghalaya is popular for its untouched beauty and enticing charm. Infamously known as Asia’s cleanest village, this place offers abundance of choices for travellers to explore ranging from the Root bridge in the wild, indulging in trek till the brun Khongmen Viewpoint to riding a boat in the ultra clean Umngot River Dowki.

5. Halebid.
Halebid in Karnataka is one of the most ancient temple towns in South India. It is still untouched by tourist crowds which makes this place one of the most preferred offbeat destinations in India. Famously known as Dwarasamudra, the town fell into a state of ruin in the early 14th Century. However, what makes this place worth visiting is the fact that even in a ravaged state, the town’s glory still remains undiminished.

6. Devprayag.
Devprayag in Uttarakhand is a place enroute the holy temple of Kedarnath. It is a holy place where two rivers merge namely, Mandakini and Alaknanda. This merger gives form to the most worshipped river of India called the river Ganga. The place where the merger happens is infamously known as Sangam. This celestial town is situated at 800 metres above sea level. Adventure lovers can indulge in water sports activities whereas travellers seeking a tranquil experience can pay a visit to the holy temples.

So, now that you have the list of locations to visit, leave the beaten path and plan a trip to the offbeat destinations in India to experience an incredible relaxing vacation.

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