Best Time to Travel in India

India is home to a few of the most ancient civilizations on earth and offers boundless travel opportunities to every traveller. The rich cultural heritage, diverse regional cuisines, range of festival celebrations  and varied flora and fauna make India a must visit destination in your travelling bucket list.

Whether you like exploring spiritual destinations or have a knack for adventure sports, India is well equipped with exquisite tourist spots across different parts of the country that gives you a memorable travel experience.

However, it is important that you plan your trip to India in sync with its climatic conditions. India has a very distinctive climate in different parts throughout the year.

This article will outline every detail that you should know about the climate patterns before making a trip to India.

Best time to visit India

Looking at the extreme climatic conditions across the nation, the best time to visit India is from September to March. It also depends on which part of the country you wish to travel to. The temperatures across the entire continent during the months of September to March are pleasant with chilled winds blowing in certain parts making your stay in India an enjoyable experience.

We have curated the best time to travel in India based on the climatic conditions in different regions.

Best time to visit North India-
The tourist destinations worth exploring in North India include the pink city in Rajasthan, the Red Fort in Delhi and the golden triangle part of India. The best time to visit North India is from late October to March when the weather in these regions are pleasant, cold and moderately chilly, making it a wonderful travel experience.

The peak season for tourists to visit north India is usually in the months of late November to January. However, certain parts around the Himalayas are inaccessible during the months of November to January owing to the heavy snowfall in those regions. But it is a paradise for people who love trekking and skiing in the cold snow during the months from February to June and October to November.

Best time to visit Southern India-
The southern part of India is infamously known for its largest collection of white sand beaches and a delightful fragrance of sandalwood throughout the sub regions. The best time to visit southern India is from November to March with the weather being pleasant and temperatures ranging from 15 -20 degrees celsius. Kerala becomes one of the most popular tourist spots, especially in the month of December with houseboats cruises through backwaters and homestays being attractive tourist adventures. It is also the best time to witness the most beautiful temples of south India known for their marvellous architectural creations.

Best time to visit East India-
The most suitable time to visit the eastern and northeastern parts of India is right after the monsoons from September to March. The heavy rainfalls of the monsoons turn the entire region into a captivating lush green scenic beauty making it perfect for trekking and exploring the wildlife parks. Known for its unique tribes, its varied culture and charming hill stations, east India never ceases to amaze the tourists when visited during the period of September to march.

We do not recommend visiting India during the months of April to August due to the sweltering heat in major parts of the country and its unpredictable monsoon season. However, few places in the country like Ladakh situated in far north can be accessed in the months of June to September, when rest of the country faces monsoon season.

We hope this guide gives you vital insights before you begin planning your trip to India and explore the mystic beauty of incredible India.

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