5 Reasons Why You Should plan a Trip to Rural India

“She turned off her laptop, closed her eyes as she bent her head down on the table. It was 5 in the evening and Alex had worked hard all day to finish her targets. It had been a busy day. Still, she didn’t feel exhausted. And why not! She was finally going on a solo trip to India she had planned for so long. She quickly got up and got ready for the flight at midnight. Her excitement was at its peak, like never before. She had planned to explore Mumbai and relieve herself from the daily work stress.  But, as she got there it turned out to be quite different from her expectations. It was a fast-paced city and although it was great to explore, she was not able to find the solace that she had imagined. Her guide took her on some of the most visited sites, which were always a dream but as she dug deeper, there was an entire range of experiences that were not chosen by many. Rural India or we can say the heart of Indian heritage and culture was what attracted her. That’s when she decided to change her plans and go on a boundless exploration.”

Yes! Something even more interesting than those monuments and heritage sites exists. Going through these unique experiences is even more fulfilling and these are 5 main reasons why I’m saying so…

  1. You can spend time in nature

We all know that we’ve started living a materialistic life in the city. Occupied in our jobs and work, we don’t often realize that living just doesn’t mean “to be able to breathe”. The soul needs to be embraced too. As most of the developed countries have been commercialized, very few destinations are left to explore. For that purpose, you would love to relax in the arms of nature, free from all the pollution and chaos of the city. Meanwhile, you can embrace the beauty of the place and learn about its roots and the life of people.

2. It can heal you 

Most of us think that travel can be a great remedy to stress and other mental health issues. But the way we choose our destinations also matters. In that case, exploring rural India and indulging in various experiential activities would be a delight to the soul. It would not only heal you but also give you the perfect break that you longed for.

3. It’s light on your pocket

This point simply can’t be ignored! We all want to save a few bucks on our trip. Money is mostly spent on the hotels and food around the main city areas, which can be easily cut down if you choose to go on an exploration of rural India. So now you not only have a fulfilling experience with you but also get to save a little bit of extra money.

4. It makes you experience the real India 

India is known worldwide owing to its rich culture and heritage. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you got to experience the real India, raw and unadulterated? Until now, you might have known the Indian customs just through books and videos but a rural exploration would give you an unforgettable experience. That would be far more interesting than to just listen to our history and culture from a tour guide. Check out our Cooking with family experience which would help you understand how cooking is done in Indian families.

5. It gives you some unique hands-on experience

Rural India will not only give you a raw experience but also give you a “Hands-on” Experience. Yes! Now you can not only meet and talk to people but also try your hands on those Indian ways of doing things. You can do everything from trying Indian traditional outfits, Pottery, garland making, cooking, be a farmer for a day and much more!  I bet nothing can be more satisfying than going on an experiential tour in India. You can check out the experiential bundle, and pottery workshop to know more about how we can accompany you on your experiential tour!

Hope you found the above reasons amazing enough to explore rural India at least once. I’m sure you’re going to love it. If you want us to become your partner for the same, click here.

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