Spiritual Awakening

Welcome to the land of spiritual beliefs. People from every nook and corner visit the spiritual destinations of the country to seek blessings. The more they visit, the more they get closer to God. Every religion is sacred here and is treated equally. A part of India, Mumbai, the city comes to a halt when it comes to celebrating the various Hindu festivals, from Ganpati to Diwali to Holi, the time runs fast here. The city is also home to many temples that commemorate the religious devotion of the town. 

Your Spiritual awakening tour guide will introduce you to rich Hindu culture, traditions, religious practices, customs and rituals such as worship of cow, the importance of flower garlands, the ringing of bells and various beliefs of the devotees.

On this tour, we will visit some of the magnificent spiritual destinations where thousands of devotees go daily to worship and pray to their beloved God. We will narrate certain unheard characters of the Epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana on the go and discuss the amazing untold mythological tales, stories about gods and demons which you might not find in any guidebook. The lessons and moral values of the mythological stories will truly inspire.   

Please feel free to send us an inquiry on Mumbai@boundlessexplorism.com  OR you can also send us a WhatsApp message.   

Notice: We have no photography policy in some of the places on this tour due to the government’s regulation.

Tour Details


3 hours spiritual story-telling tour

3.00 pm Entrance of Eros cinema
(Outside of Churchgate station 10-15 min walk from Colaba)

Please note: Available spots are limited so please book now!


INR 1,800 per person
INR 6,500 for a private tour of up to 4 people.

Group Size
6-7 people maximum in a group
(For large groups please, get in touch).


✔ English speaking guide
✔ All travel expenses on the tour
✔ Refreshments
✔ Entry fees for all the sights
✔ All taxes


We will disclose the tour itinerary on email, feel free to contact us!

Meeting point location

Meeting point: Entrance of Eros cinema (Outside of Churchgate station 10-15 min walk from Colaba)

End point: Charni road train station